Individual solutions

“For a number of years I was extremely cynical about Financial Advisors. Had it not been for the fact that my solicitor instructed me to use one for a particular transaction, I would never have entertained the idea. I am pleased to say that Geoff Matthews completely restored my faith in the industry (which was not an easy job!), enabling me to make informed decisions in a non-pressure environment.”
Eileen Kelly


Pensions, investments, insurance… they hardly conjure up a world of excitement do they? Still, we all need them in some capacity at various stages of our life. But who do you speak to? Who is best qualified, who will give you an honest opinion and how much will any advice cost?

Contacting a Financial Adviser is probably not the most frightening thing you’ll ever do but some people have a great suspicion about our industry, which in many cases is totally justified. The threat of commission-hungry sales people selling you products that you don’t want, need or can’t afford was once a very real threat!

Thankfully, for all parties concerned, we operate in a very different environment nowadays. Commission payable on new pensions and investments is a thing of the past and the advisers who have survived and embraced the many changes must continue to prove to all that they look after their clients’ needs and charge appropriately for their initial advice and ongoing services. So advice is what you pay for and advice is what you get!

Here at Cansquared Ltd (Can²) we will tell you what our advice process looks like and how much we will charge for our services. No smoke and mirrors stuff, just honest client-focused advice and transparent charges.

Securing your future is not really about financial products; it’s about your dreams, concerns and priorities. So let’s concentrate on that shall we, and let us worry about finding the best way to address them.

If we’re to work together then our relationship will probably start with a telephone conversation as I appreciate your time is important to you. At this point you can tell me about your thoughts and concerns and I’ll give an honest opinion on how I think we can help. If it’s appropriate to arrange a meeting at this stage, then we’ll get our diaries out. When we meet there will be lots of listening from me so I can then offer my advice and potential solutions to your needs. I’ll want to know about you and what you have to say – I may also do a little talking myself; how does that sound?


“Geoff is a pleasure to deal with; he put a lot of time and effort into ensuring he had the right information from me to enable him to give me the right advice. At no time did I feel that he put his interests before my own or pressured me to sign up for something I didn’t understand or didn’t think was right for me.”
Tania Blackburn


The most difficult time to get your head around your financial options is when you’re just embarking on your adult life. There’s probably enough going on in your brain without having to think about your financial future. Of course, it doesn’t stop there, your family expands (maybe your waistline does a little too) and before you know it you’re thinking about what life will be like when you no longer need to climb out of your bed for work. It seems like only yesterday that I embarked on my career in financial services, but here we are… 37 years later!

So if you want or need to think about saving for something special or funding for your retirement, then we can help at Can². If you want to make sure that your or your family’s future is secured in the event of something unfortunate happening, then we can help with that too.

If insurance is the solution, then we can advise you on life insurance and critical illness insurance. If it’s tax efficient savings you’re seeking, then we can advise on things like ISAs and other types of investment. If planning your retirement is your priority, then we can advise you on your pension options. And if you’re already approaching retirement and looking for the best benefits for you, then we can advise on all sorts of annuities and income drawdown options too. Under the new rules announced in the budget in March 2014, we can also advise you about taking all your retirement benefits as a lump sum.

If we’re going to discuss pensions or investments, we’ll also need a conversation about your attitude towards investment risk so we’ll run through some questions at this point.

So whether you know what you need or you haven’t got a clue, simply contact us and take the first step to see how we can help you.