Business solutions

“Geoff has provided us with valuable and reliable pension advice for a number of years now. Auto enrolment was somewhat of a worry to us, but Geoff guided us through the process in a simple and coherent manner, which means we are now actually ahead of the legislation and fully prepared for the next few years to come.”
Heather White, Human Resource Manager – UK


How we work

I fully appreciate your time is a valuable commodity and I certainly don’t want to waste any of it, so a telephone conversation is a great place to start! This will help us both ascertain whether we should take matters further and arrange a meeting. If that’s the case, then we’ll match up our diaries and progress from there. Either way, you’ll get an honest opinion. If and when we meet, I’ll want to know what your thoughts, objectives, concerns and priorities are before I can offer any advice in return. You may have specific questions about company pensions and business protection. If so, great! In the meantime, you can find out more about this below.


Your business

In my experience there’s one thing most business owners have in common… they love to talk about their business; how it started, what it does and what makes it a success. The latter aspect usually includes the people involved in the business, whether that’s the business owners themselves or their hard working and dedicated employees.

Rewarding your staff is often seen as key to retaining them; maybe you provide them with a bonus scheme or help them fund for their eventual retirement; maybe you offer a health scheme or even provision for their families in the event of an untimely death. If you don’t provide benefits for your staff, then you may one day face the possibility of losing them to a competitor or to a different industry.

Retirement planning is a hot topic at the moment and the advent of Workplace Pensions has certainly made many businesses start to think about the potential impact on them, their staff and their profitability. See the section on Workplace Pensions for further details.

Of course, a business doesn’t just risk losing its staff to another employer; there’s also the impact a sudden death or serious illness could have. Whether a business owner, a director or a key individual within the company, the problems caused by such an unfortunate incident can be potentially catastrophic.  See the section on Business Protection for more information.